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Hey guys it's Sharon here, I thought you might like to know a little about Pupcakes and our journey so far... you can also Meet The Family or you can just skip to the treats page.

And so I begin...

For those of you that know me, you know I go on and on and on,

but I am going to try and keep this short.


Many years ago my daughter Emma asked me to make George, our black Labrador, a cake for his birthday. So off I went, to my local shop and bought one of those ready to bake cake kits, "Hey presto"- we had George a cake! Being full of butter, sugar and jam it was safe to say George woofed it down in minutes. Job done!


A few weeks later I decided to make George another cake, but this time from-scratch, myself. Using a well-known cook book, I was surprised to see just how much sugar went into a cake and decided to adapt it a little (to make it healthier for him). That's when it happened! I became obsessed with researching canine nutrition, to the point where Scott would just switch off.

I have been very conscious throughout the whole set up of this business, and throughout to include Emma, so she felt part of it. As a family, we then created the products range so it could be sent off for analytical purposes,

which in turn then enabled us to get our Feed Licence

(which we needed to, be able to sell to you guys!).


This was the hardest and most expensive part of setting up, complying to all the strict labelling and batch number rules, so we know all our handmade dog treats are safe and comply with the UK trading laws. I have to say, I made the feed testing harder for myself, as each time the products came back showing more than 10% fat- I had to alter the recipe and pay for testing again and again until I got to them all to the less than 10% that I wanted, but I believe it's worth it!


Did you know?

every time I create a new flavour, I have to have it tested.

That's it- we were ready Three years later, haha! Very nervously in 2013, I decided to launch Pupcakes via social media and local events. Very rapidly I attracted a lot of press and media attention, which still to this day is very overwhelming! In September 2013 I won "Best New Business" with Bizmums and the plan was to launch our website in year two, however due to demand we have done it earlier than anticipated. "Business plan? who needs them!".


Along the way I have met some truly wonderful people and I cannot thank you enough! Customers, friends, family, local businesses- everyone has just been wonderful! I sit back at night sometimes and smile- smile at how much support you have all given me! From this support, I have been given the opportunity to make my love for dogs' health my future.


What's next? Who knows!... Wait and see, there could be another product range coming very soon!


That's it, I'm going to be quiet now...

Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of the website.




Over the forthcoming years, I researched nonstop and baking as I went along. I had so many disastrous recipe creations you would not believe it! Okay, I could have been a bright spark I guess and just found recipes online, but I wanted my own.


So now I had a cake and biscuit recipe, with no nasty stuff... waheeey!


I used to just bake them for George, family/friends and never sold them, just doing it as a hobby, being a 'house wife', I had time on my hands.


Anyway... this is the short version, honest!


George sadly passed away in 2010, so I stopped baking :(. Friends started asking "when will you be baking dog treats again?", So I pondered over this request and the light finally came on: "I wonder, could I turn this into a business?".


Off to night class I went, to grasp the basics of running your own business, it didn't sound too difficult. In 2012 Emma and I came up with the name 'Pupcakes' and registered as a Limited company straight away. I then contacted a design company to create a logo- given four choices, Emma picked the one you see now!

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