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At Pupcakes we use only natural ingredients to make all our handmade dog treats and they all contain less than 10% fat.


Our products are made with your dog's health in mind, so you won't find any nasty stuff here! No added preservatives, No added sugars or salts and No raw meats are used here either! Our meaty flavours come from our homemade stocks packed full of flavour. Wherever possible we buy all our ingredients from local independent stores.


All our products have been tested to comply with our feed license, so you can buy our dog treats knowing they are DEFRA approved, as well as being healthy. When choosing ingredients for our home made dog treats we were very keen to ensure each dog treat had its own benefit, below you can read all about them.


If you require any more information about the ingredients used in Pupcakes dog treats, please email us at fetch@Pupcakesdogbakery.co.uk.


We are yet to come across a dog that doesn't like carrots and these are a firm favourite at Pupcakes.


Low in fat and packed full of nutrients with the added benefit of Vitamin A caratones, which is said to help good vision as well as protect against heart disease, you just can't go wrong with this little orange fellow.



Organic Carob powder comes from the ceratonia tree which is actually part of the pea family, mild and sweet. It looks like chocolate powder, smells like chocolate powder and yes, it even tastes like chocolate powder.


Unlike human chocolate, carob does not contain Theobromine - the Theobromine part of chocolate that is harmful to your dog. So by using Organic Carob powder in our dog treats your dog can have all the luxury we have from chocolate without you worrying that it may be harmful.



Low fat cheese is a classic food used in dogs for training. Packed full of protein, vitamins A & B and also rich in calcium, it is great for your dog's teeth and bones. If you do give your dogs cheese chunks, always use low fat because of the high salt content in full fat cheese.



Cranberry is successful in reducing the amount of reoccurring urine infections. If your dog does suffer from urine infections, more commonly found in bitches, prevention methods can be as simple as changing your dog's water frequently.



Cinnamomum zeylanicum, more commonly known as cinnamon, is a herb that originated from tropical Asia, and has a whole heap of health benefits.


As this spice is noted to have antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, cinnamon was traditionally used in many cultures in the treatment of many health disorders including: diarrhea; arthritis; digestive problems and skin infections. Cinnamon is also believed to alleviate menstrual pains, treat colds and flu as well as help in blood purification.


Full of calcium and fiber, cinnamon is more commonly given to diabetic dogs as it can be an insulin substitute that can help in regulating the blood sugar level.



Ahhh the Egg, messy little so an so's. We break lots of these throughout the day, you would think practice makes perfect but it doesn't at Pupcakes HQ!


The egg, small in size but big in benefits, is packed full of amino acids. The crafty little egg is great for bone growth, healthy skin and teeth - who would have thought all of that would come from an egg!



Ginger helps promote energy circulation and increases the metabolic rate. Ginger also helps upset stomachs in both dogs and humans, which is great for those who suffer from travel sickness.



It's amazing what goodness is in honey. In every little jar of honey used there is goodness just screaming to get out, from magnesium and iron to Calcium and potassium salts.


Potassium salts are an ingredient which help absorb and kills germs and bacteria ,that's why you find it in your own medicines such as cough mixture.



Ugh, dog breath! Don't get me wrong we love our dogs but the breath at times can be a killer!

We always give our dogs the minty lamb dog treats for that reason, as not only being a carrier of

calcium and iron they help freshen the breath - just like mint does with us two legged creatures.



Remember your parents always trying to get you to eat your porridge in a morning? That's because oats help to maintain good digestion, they are easily digested and are full of protein, iron and magnesium.


Oats are a great source of energy and really help keep that hungry dog fuller for longer.

You will find oats in every single one of our handmade dog treats.


Omega 3 oils

This is where the fat in Pupcakes dog treats comes from, like oats it's used in all our handmade products.


Everyone needs small amounts of fats as part of a good diet. We use oils full of Omega 3. There are many good reasons to try and get oils into your dog's diet, like oil itself is shiny it will help maintain your dog's coat to keep that shiny and healthy. Oils are commonly known to help reduce high blood pressure and heart disease as well as maintain a healthy immune system.



Well it's green but this little green plant is full of hidden secrets! Mr Parsley, as our daughter calls it, contains iron, calcium and protein just to name just a few. He helps freshen breath, reduce blood pressure, prevent arthritic inflammatory and also guard against urinary infection.


Isn't Mr Parsley just full of surprises?

As you guessed, Parsley is in all our handmade dog treats.


Peanut Butter

Low fat peanut butter, naturally sweet so dogs just love it. Lots of protein is found in peanut butter so it gives a great boost of energy making them the ideal dog treat for those long walks.



No raw meats are used in any Pupcakes products, so when you purchase our meat flavoured treats, the flavour is made using homemade stock.


Made using bones and carcases from meats, along with plenty of vegetables, it really is just a fabulous way to get great flavour and goodness into your dog's diet.



It comes from the tap and simply a great way of getting nutrients around the body. Water is the most important part of your dog's diet, so don't forget always have a bowl available for your dog to access freely.


Wholemeal Flour

100% Organic natural wholemeal flour is a great source of protein and anti-oxidants and is packed full of vitamin B which plays a key role in your dog's metabolism. Boosting your dog's metabolism is a great way to help keep their weight under control, and we all know how hard that can be. Being high in dietary fibre, it helps keep your dog fuller for longer, and as they say: "It gives that hunger the old heave-ho"!



Low-fat and lactose-free natural yoghurt is found in all our dog cakes. Full of calcium and probiotics, it can work wonders for your dog's digestive system.