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This is George (aka "Fatty") - the Inspiration behind Pupcakes.


Whilst Scott was at work and Emma in school, George was my only company for eight long hours a day. Silly as it may sound George, was my life and he helped me through some seriously tough and emotional times.


Loving, boisterous and not to mention greedy, he was the most loyal friend I could ever ask for. Don't get me wrong, he had his annoying habits too like banging his tail against the radiator every morning at 6am repeatedly until I got up. He used to sit in doorways too which really got on my nerves. Actually he did quite a lot that got on my nerves the big lump that he was, but would I have changed him? No.


I loved baking my low fat treats for him so much, I was at a loss once he passed away, and so the businesses began.


George sadly passed away aged 18 in 2010 leaving a massive hole in all our lives. There is not a day that goes by we don't think or talk about him.


RIP Fatty xx

Heeeey guys I'm Lucy - the newest and youngest member of the Pupcakes family. I came from NCAR. When I arrived there this nice lady Nicky said: "I know just the home for you". Boy was she right, there's treats everywhere here! Mum hides them away in this cupboard but I'm so tiny I can squeeze right in there and tuck in.


My Sister Lola scared me a bit at first, as she is kinda big, but not anymore I pin her to floor and everything. I reckon I am the boss really, I love to pinch Lola's toys, and her bed for that matter.


One thing I don't like here is Mum won't let me on the sofas, what's that all about? Dad's a bit of a soft touch though, just one look with the eyes and the sofa is all mine.


I just love my new home, all the best dogs come from rescues you know.

Woof! I'm Lola and I came to live with the Pupcakes family in June 2013 as my original family couldn't look after me anymore.


Everyone thinks I have the best home being surrounded by these healthy handmade dog treats but I don't get many - Mum's well strict. I keep telling her they're low in fat, but she doesn't listen.


She has me on a diet at the moment as I have a bit of a big bum. I weighed 34kg when I moved in, I'm only 27kg now. I reckon if I hit 25kg by Christmas I might just get a cake out of her, tell you what though- she might not spoil me with treats, but because she works at home and I get so much attention - it's ace!


If you come to events I am usually there too, and if I am do us a favour and throw a few treats my way.


Lola, Yellow Labrador D.O.B 11/11/2011

Wahoooooooooooo, that would be me -

known for being a little mad and a bit scatty, but my heart's in the right place. Average all-rounder me.


I go to bed talking, I wake up talking, I just love talking and how my family put up with me is a miracle really.


I guess I am the one that runs the business on a daily basis being The Baker- I don't have much say in that. It's not easy but I do love it.


One of my favourite parts of Pupcakes is creating new ideas, I just love to keep the business fresh, I think the testing lab will be banning me soon though! I think my overall favourite part has to be doing events and meeting people, possibly because I get to chat! I really enjoy getting to meet my customers and their dogs. You can often find me on the Pupcakes Facebook page chatting, sometimes about Pupcakes, but mainly just randomness.


Turning my love for dogs and their health into a business has been the hardest but most enjoyable thing I have ever done! Being able to say you're proud of yourself is the greatest feeling in the world!


Anyway I am going now as I could talk all day, but follow the Facebbok page and you will soon get to know my character!

Hmm... Sharon's asked me to write a little bit about what I do, so here goes.


I do as I am told but always get it wrong, I get nagged at 24/7, but always appear interested.

I seem to sign a lot of cheques!


I get woken frequently to the sounds of a voice saying "Oh my days I have another idea!"


I tend to do a lot in the background really, the boring bits Sharon doesn't like - spreadsheets, costings and ordering packaging.


I thoroughly enjoy watching Sharon running Pupcakes, It is nice to see her doing something she enjoys and that she is good at. Although I am behind the scenes, you will get to see me at events- I work whilst Sharon stands and talks!

Hi, my name is Emma and I'm Nine years old (born in 2004). Mum said I had to write something here... "what eeever Mum".


I like Pupcakes a lot, did Mum tell you I picked the logo? I try to help Mum as much as I can, by weighting the treats or labelling the bags. I would like to help more but she won't let me because "I have to concentrate on School work". I do get to come to some events though, which is great as I make lots of new friends. I'm a bit like my Mum really and love talking!"


I can't wait until I am older so I can run Pupcakes.


PS. Mum sings really loud when she bakes and it's not pretty!

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