About Us

PupCakes Dog Bakery is a small family run dog bakery based in a small town in beautiful North Wales.Sharon, Mrs Pupcakes, Pupcakes Dog Bakery

All our treats are made directly from our home kitchen with a great deal of care, love and attention. From our kitchen to yours, to ensure the best quality and care, everything is hand baked to order in small batches - no mass production, no high tech machinery needed.  Our products are made by hand from start to finish from the rolling to packing, we do it all in house, and that is how we are going to stay.

I myself (Sharon) have been baking dog treats since 1999. Baking dog treats all started because despite my efforts, I just couldn't find shop bought dog treats of the high quality and nutritional content I felt my own dog (George) deserved. I began my own research into what foods typically fit for human consumption would also be safe for my dog to eat. After lots of baking trials, I perfected a few biscuit recipes, tried and tested on my faithful George of course (a most grateful recipient!) who loved his treats and I was happy knowing that they contained only 100% natural ingredients that were good for his health and well being.

Sadly old age eventually caught up with George but the baking legacy continued. I founded the business Pupcakes Dog Bakery in 2012 following the constant demand and 'hounding' from family, friends and beyond.  This enabled me to continue to provide to others, that missing niche in the market that was so sought after - good quality, delicious, home baked healthy dog treats.

So why Choose Us?

You wont find our products in big named pet stores and you wont find us on Dragons Den either! I said no to both of those.

We are proud to be a small family run business and wish to stay that way so we will only sell direct online or to small independent businesses and artisans who offer other quality products like ourselves.
Help to support the Independent Small Businesses, not the corporate giants!

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We proudly hold as required by British Law both a UK Feed Licence & DEFRA/APHA Plant Approval, meaning
we are regularly inspected & audited.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us and our operation. To learn more about our family business and us, you're welcome to contact us directly or follow us on facebook, Twitter or Instagram for regular updates of our crazy days & life ..... come and say hello (woof!)

(Mrs Pupcakes)