We are sympathetic to all charities/causes and fully understand the hard work and commitment that is put in, but please respect that we are a small business and profits do not allow for donations to multiple charities.

A number of members of our family include those that suffer from hearing impairment and as such our chosen charity is 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People', with donations being made annually - we ask that you please respect our wishes to donate to this charity alone.

You can follow us on social media to keep up to date with our progress and read more about 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People' below.

'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People' was founded in at Crufts in 1982 with just 3 members of staff .

Every year since, Hearing Dogs has grown in number and size, and today we’re helping thousands of deaf people across the UK.

Hearing dogs uk helps deaf people reconnect with life .In a nutshell they train clever dogs to help clever people.A hearing dog can give a deaf person a new found sense of independence and confidence now they have a loyal companion and a true friend by their side.

As if this wasn’t enough - hearing dogs have saved countless lives in their important role; fire alarms sounding at the dead of night, alerting them to the shouts of a loved one who is in peril, even saving their recipients from potential car thieves!

They have matched thousands of our adorable dogs with deaf recipients since our humble beginnings in 1982. At the moment, they have over 900 working hearing dog partnerships across the UK.

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You can also visit their website to make a direct donation in support of their cause: