Our Story

The story.

Hey I m Sharon , founder & owner of Pupcakes dog bakery ,Registered & Trademarked

The 1st  approved & regulated dog  bakery in North Wales.Yep ,I am pretty proud of that one.

Thanks for calling by , feel free to have a good sniff about & learn a little bit more about me and my bakery business.

So as with most self made businesses I started very much as hobby baking for my own dog back in 1999.

George was a typical Labrador if it moved he ate it , if it sat still he ate it , basically he just ate what ever he could see .
Not wanting George to miss out on treats i started to research and study canine nutrition obtaining my diploma I began to bake and needless to say he loved them .
Sadly George passed at the grand old age of 18  but i continued to bake for just friends and family.

In 2012 I decided to look into starting up a dog treat business and swiftly booked myself an appointment with Trading Standards to see what i needed to do to become a legally licensed Animal feed plant because of course i knew just popping up with a FB shop wasn't really right and certainly not safe.
After months of grilling , jumping trough hoops ,a million and one HACCAP plans ,lots of money I finally obtained full approval from both Trading standards & APHA  so alas Pupcakes Dog Bakery was born.

Here we are today in 2021 still baking , still providing delicious treats for hounds all over the UK , we survived Covid and aim to survive many more years to come .
I run my business with a tremendous amount of support from my family , Husband Scott , Daughter Emma and new recruit Bobbi Dog (Cavapoo).

But in addition to this is my business is run with the help of my followers , through FB and Insta the family community I have managed to create there is just wonderful , followers have watched me win , fall ,cry , open up a real shop , close the real shop , get married and so much more and without them we really would not be here today and I am truly grateful..

Being a small family bakery ,everything is baked by hand in small batches , no machinery , just pure love and hard work.I only sell through my website and a few select independent shops and thats how it will stay.
I have turned down contracts from both pets corner & pets at home and declined my invite togo on dragons den.
I don't want to loose my way and its important that the quality of my product remains top notch so I will continue to grow within the small family base so as our products are not compromised.

Over the years I have worked with countless amounts of charities from local NCAR  to Guide dogs, Hearing dogs and so much more , wherever possible we look to help with causes needed.

Oh i totally nearly forgot to , I have featured on ITV with Lorraine , ITV Be with Cheshire housewives & S4C,channel 4 ,The sun , The daily Post ,Dogs Today magazine and probably loads more i have forgotten .

So why choose us ?

Small batch baking. 

Only natural ingredients , organic & locally sourced where ever possible.

No added preservatives , salts or sugars.

100% reusable & recyclable packaging.

APHA approved bakery Reg No:56/020/0004/ABP/PTF/CAT3.

Trading Standards approved Feed Reg No: GB571E27347.

CPH approved Reg no: 56/020/8000 

Regularly Inspected.

Treats regularly tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Above all else you know the main reason for choosing us is because we are HONEST .

I make dog treats & that's all I do because I am good at it.

Thanks for taking time to swing by an read my story 

Loads of love 


(Mrs PupCakes)